Monday, June 22, 2015

The Journey, Part V (5) - Things Get Funny

Once we found out we were pregnant, things started getting really funny for multiple reasons...

First off, at a funeral a few days earlier, I had walked into the kitchen where my mother-in-law was working. As soon as I opened the door, she asked me if I had been feeling better at all that morning. I replied that I had eaten and apple and a couple of pickles and felt OK, but still not normal. (Pickles are a staple food for me... I wasn't eating pickles because of cravings).

Without missing a beat, a family friend turned and asked me, "Are you pregnant?" This was the only time pregnancy had come up before that morning revelation had happened to me. We shrugged it off and told her that I was having problems digesting protein. (I now wish I had dwelt a little longer on her question)!

The next thing that happened was the decision to tell our parents about it. The thing was, Andrew had told his buddy, Brian, about an hour after we found out. I was concerned because Brian told his family and I didn't want them saying anything to our folks if they happened to see each other. (We grew up in a REALLY small town). Also, Andrew's brother made a last minute decision to come visit while we were there, and we never really talked about if we were going to wait to tell siblings or others... I think Jonathon and his family had been there for about 4 hours by the time they figured out what was going on. So, we found out on Thursday morning, and by Friday, the news was spreading quickly through our family. This was definitely NOT how I planned on things going. We still weren't even sure if that's what was going on... I know it's hard to deny a positive test (or four), but I had hoped that we would at least see a doctor before we told our parents, and now all of our siblings and a few close friends new within 24 hours!

That weekend, I did a lot of sleeping and praying to the porcelain gods. It was crazy... we had, at any given time, between nine and 16 people in a one bathroom house. My nieces and nephew started noticing that I was not being very fun, and on Saturday morning, one of my nieces came up to me and said, "Aunt Cheltzey, you're having a baby?" when I replied with an affirmation to her question, she proceeded with, "Is that why you're so lazy?"!!! I got the biggest laugh out of that one... but it was nothing to prepare me for what would come out her mouth at church the next day...!