Monday, June 22, 2015

The Journey, Part IIII... I Get My Husband Back!

Finally, Andrew came down, and we decided to take a little trip to Utah to visit some friends and family. We went to the Provo and Salt Lake Temples and it was a really fun little get-away. The first night we were there, I ordered a dry baked potato from the restaurant we ate and but felt so sick, I couldn't finish it. I was concerned, because we had plans to meet up with some friends at Tucanos the next night. I had no idea how I was supposed to get through and evening of all you can eat meat being passed to me, but, surprisingly, I felt amazing during our dinner. I didn't get sick at all, and ate meat for the first time in about 2 weeks.

This is when I started thinking that maybe what we had initially thought was going on wasn't right. I figured that the excitement and fun of seeing our friends had caused enough of a distraction for me that I wasn't experiencing that plaguing sick feeling. We drove back to my mom's that night, and I woke up sicker than a dog the next morning, though. 

"What is going on with me?" I was thinking that maybe the idea to wait to see a doctor in Kalispell was a bad idea. I crawled out of bed and began brushing my teeth, and it was like this light bulb went off in my head. I knew that I needed to take a pregnancy test. The whole idea of pregnancy had NEVER crossed anyone's mind. We had pushed it so far out of the picture... it was an odd feeling. Andrew and I headed out again to visit his folks, and I had him stop at the grocery store in Blackfoot. I told him I needed crackers and a soda to calm my stomach. He stayed in the car and I ran in and grabbed the cheapest test I could find and went straight to the bathroom after making my purchase. I have never been more nervous to pee on a stick before. I've taken tests before, but this time felt so different. I gathered up my barrings and did what I had to do... and this THICK, DARK line suddenly appeared next to the control line. It happened so quickly, I thought maybe I had misused the test. (They are so adamant about the wait period while it rests on a flat surface)!

I went out the car and waited until Andrew was headed down the road. I had always planned on waiting to tell him, and our family, but this was just so crazy... I needed him to know what was going on, so I grabbed it out of the bag and said, "Hey, can you check something out for me?" I handed it to him and watched him process everything. After a few seconds he looked at me with a huge grin on his face and said, "Oh, great!... Is this serious?!?!?"

He didn't believe me and pulled off of the interstate in Idaho Falls so I could buy a more expensive test. Looking back now, we laugh about it. It was the weirdest drive I have ever taken from Blackfoot to Monteview and it felt like a dream... like an out of body experience almost. We took three more tests, though, and they all did the same thing with the bold, dark line.

After that happened though, we didn't know what to do...