Saturday, April 12, 2014

When You are Happy, Things Will Change!

I know that I have talked about the law of attraction before, but it blows my mind every time...

I want to start with a story.
Andrew and I were REALLY struggling financially when we were first married. There were a few weeks when he was working over 40 hours, but only getting paid for the hours that there was a car in the shop being tinkered with. I remember times when we added up his paychecks, and realized that, per hour, he was getting almost three dollars less than minimum wage!!!
Still, we always seemed to have what we needed... whether it was my grandparents coming by and dropping off a loaf or two of bread with some of the surplus from their garden, a friend inviting us to dinner, my mom following me home and putting a few gallons of fuel in my car before we got there, or being allowed to go 'shopping' through Andy's mother's pantry/food storage. We weren't hungry, and though our circumstances were somewhat meager at times, we were happy, but we knew that there HAD to be more to life.

We have a goal. Someday, we want to serve missions for our Church. In order to reach that goal, however, we have to have the funds to leave our 'jobs' and life behind us. Two years ago, we were introduced to 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. We figured that if our goals were in line with the will of God, then we should be allowed EVERYTHING WE WANT. So, the work commenced. We prayed, and searched and went when we realized that our goals wouldn't be met in those circumstances. We packed up our bags and went where we felt we had been led... and we are now, two years later, seeing the beginning fruits of our labors.
Was it easy? Definitely not. There was blood, sweat, and tears involved, but it will definitely be worth it!
It's not over yet, either. In my honest opinion, the hard work has merely just begun! I guarantee that there will be work ahead of us, but we'll take it on with a smile on our faces, and here's why:

We KNOW that we can have what we want in life. We don't blame the government, or our backgrounds, past, or present circumstances on our failure. Also, when we DO fail, we don't look at it as failure (at least not after we step back and see the big picture). We instead take it as one door closing, and we search for the door that has opened because of that... and each time we open a new door, life get's a little shinier than it was before. The new door is always a little stronger, and more beautiful than the door we just came from and closed behind us. That is such a blessing, and we are grateful for it! We also can't wait to see what is in store for us!

All I can say, is, I look around me at what some of our friends and family are going through, and I can't help but be grateful! I am grateful for goodly parents that taught me the value of hard work, and patience. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned, and that they have been taught and understood so early in life! I am eternally grateful for the thousands of people who have placed a seed of success into my heart and mind and pushed me to where I am today, and I know Andrew feels the same way! There are SO many of you that we could list your names for days, and some of the names we'd list are of people who don't even realize what an impact they've made on our lives!

With that being said, I'd just like to add one more idea:
If you are at a point in life where you feel that your back is against the wall, I URGE you, do not give up! I PROMISE it gets better! If you want it to get better sooner than later, though, I will just say that that is up to you! You really are your biggest enemy when it comes to progressing in life! You might think I am being rude in saying that, but it's TRUE! You are NOT the 99%. There is no such thing! You are a son or daughter of a LIVING GOD who loves you and cares about what you are doing with your time! If you want happiness in your life, ask for it, but you have to REALLY want it!
What does that even mean? Well, this is coming from a 23 year old girl who used to LOVE feeling that her whole life was out of her hands, and there was nothing she could do to fix that, but, boy was she wrong!!! I have since learned that I have 100% control over what I want in my life, I just have to keep telling myself that what I want is really what I want, and then put forward some effort to bring myself to my desires! If you think that's bogus, I'll tell you that you're probably wasting your time.
I used to be THE QUEEN OF EXCUSES. If there is one, you bet I've used it, but like a funny phrase I have heard, excuses are like 'armpits'. We all have them, and they all stink.
I challenge you today to start getting rid of your excuses one by one, and not just for a week or two, I mean for good. Then get your hands dirty and I DARE you to tell me that your life does not start improving!
Most of all, look around you and see what you have to be grateful for!!! After you are done with that, come back and tell me how great you feel! I'll bet you'll be surprised at your results!

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