Wednesday, September 4, 2013

*To My Man*

We have been married two years, one week and one day now. 
I couldn't be happier. :-)
I love you , and I am so grateful you chose me!
Do you remember when we used to Skype and thought that you would NEVER get back from Laramie?
Can you believe how long that period of our lives seemed to take?
When I look back at how crazy these last three years have been... with everything you have gone through with me... it feels like some of those old memories were a lifetime ago! I can't believe you can fit so many ups and downs into two short years... (three if you consider how long we have dated).
Still, I think back and wonder how could that much time have already passed? Where is the time going? It seems to only be moving more rapidly!
Regardless of time, I know that my love for you is not constrained by time.
In fact, it seems to grow deeper as time moves on. I am so grateful for this! Look around you! Look at the billions of people in the world who don't even know of our existence. Look at the media and how many failed relationships we could choose to be our examples. Look at how hard life can be! 
Now look away and know this, life does not have to be that hard!
We are LIVING PROOF of that!
This doesn't mean we won't go over some bumps in the road, but it does mean that we have a choice in how we will handle those hardships.
I know that when I'm with you, we will buckle down and hang on for the ride of our lives! We won't go down without a fight, and if, by chance, we are brought down... I know we will go down together.
That's what we do, you and I. We do things together. We play together. We fight together. We love together. Most of all, we are just...together!
I LOVE YOU, and I know that we will be happy (like we are right now) for the rest of our lives!
Thank you for making the choice to do this together, with me.
Thank you for believing in me!
Thank you for finding that life is mean to be enjoyed, and that it CAN be enjoyed with someone you love spending time with.
Time moves quickly, and I have a feeling it will continue to speed past us, but I find comfort in knowing that the time I have will be spent in good company!
P.S. No matter what anyone else says, I hope you NEVER stop kissing me in public!
 Your "Sweet Girl" :-)


  1. So cute Cheltz! I am so glad you are so happy and doing well! :)

    1. Thanks, Nat! We are pretty happy, and doing great! Hope you guys aren't doing too shabby, either! Thanks for dropping by and taking a look around my blog :-)