Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Year In Photos

I took all of my photos off my SD card today... I thought it would be fun to post some up just for memories sake. I'll let the pictures do the talking :-)

 We love that we only live 30 miles South of Glacier National Park :-)

 The mountains are UNREAL here! Definitely one of Heavenly Father's more grandeur creations!
 Conrad mansion. Built by the founder of Kalispell. Beautiful place!
 Braxton and me on July 4th, 2012 @Freeman Park, Idaho Falls.
 Melaleuca Freedom Festival 2012
 Beautiful Mud Lake sunset. Our last weekend living in Idaho.
 Love the warm colors! Last weekend in Idaho.
 Getting back from a RZR Ride! We love bombing across Monteview!
 Andrew's Jekyll/Hyde impression?
 Eating @ Shari's after Hazen and Kizzy took out their endowments in the Idaho Falls Temple. 
 Andrew is overwhelmed by the menu :-)
 Hazen's nerves must be setting in and Kizzy must be tired from all the wedding planning!
 We trashed the pickup. Added 'snaps' firecrackers that were popping for weeks!

 Waiting for the Mud Lake Rodeo to start! 2012
 My babies :-) Just in our front yard!
 Hungry Horse Reservoir
 More Hungry Horse
 I love the moss that grows everywhere here!
 Hazen and Kizzy's first visit to Glacier!
 Andrew and I were asked to play "Mary and Joseph" in our church's Live Nativity.
 Out sledding (on the snowmachines) COLD DAY!!!

 "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" Ringing in the New Year!
 New Year's 2012/2013

 Drove the VW Beetle up Blacktail Mountain in January... not much snow this year.
 Playing out on Lake Blaine February 2013
 Mr. Toady, our girls camp friend, playing dead!
 Independence day w/ the Newman Family 2013
 Andrew making a sparkler "Eternity"
 Brian Williams with our over-sized sparklers!
 Family photo time
 Ping pong ball-sized hail in Hamer. July 2013. We were driving in it and thought it was going to break through our windshield!
 Riding the lift up Big Mountain, Whitefish Montana, August 2013
 Ross and Sheron waiting to take the slide back down the mountain, August 2013.
 Logan Pass

 I can't get enough of Glacier! What splendor!
 It is becoming tradition to eat cheesecake on our anniversary. This year it was homemade with hand-picked huckleberries and raspberries!
 I took Andrew to Montana Raceway Park August 31, 2013.

Cars are loud, I want to hear when I am 80 years old... thus the reason for my sweet fashion statement!

Overall, this has been a great year! We miss Mud Lake, but we LOVE it here! We are so grateful for the opportunity we received to come here. How interesting it is to see how life pans out. I never would have guessed that I would enjoy being this far away from family. We can't wait to see what the Lord has in-store for us this next year!

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