Friday, August 2, 2013


I had not planned on writing about this until my challenge was over in 60 days, but I feel like I should journal my experience as I go...
I recently signed up for a challenge. A FITNESS challenge.
I have some friends that have been doing the "TeamBeachBody" workouts and one has started coaching through this program. Well, I have always wanted to be healthier, but I have ALWAYS HATED sweat. I could NOT stand it, even a tiny bit of it! I would go out of my way not to break a sweat. This doesn't mean I'm not a hard worker, but I would go to extremes to stay away from that nastiness!
However, Andrew ordered the INSANITY workout about a year ago. He tried it a few time but never got past the first two workouts. Well, this workout is one of the beach body workouts and when I saw Breezie talking about coaching people through these programs, I decided it was about time for me to make a big change in my life. I started the workouts on Monday and I have got to say I don't think I've ever made a smarter decision!
I will admit that the first time I was working out I kept thinking, "Oh my holy, Cheltz! What the heck did you just get yourself into?!?!" I have completed three of the exercises now, though, and I am AMAZED at the results! In this last week, I have noticed a DRAMATIC difference in many aspects of my life! For example, I am now sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT! I only wake up once to use the restroom... (I am drinking TONS of water now). My food cravings have almost vanished. I am sore, but I have more energy than I EVER remember having. I feel happy and excited about life. I have also dropped 6 pounds already!!! (I am going to have to increase my calorie intake to slow down the weight-loss, though). 
I used to think working out was silly and our society is too obsessed with our appearances, but since I was fourteen, I have been getting kidney-stones. They are possibly genetic because my grandparents, parents, and many cousins get them regularly, but this last year it seemed my body was attacking me! It was almost like clockwork that I was passing a new stone every three months, or so! I was constantly in EXCRUCIATING pain! It was wreaking havoc on my health and I never wanted to do much for fear that I would loosen another stone for passing. The last one that came was in June and it was big enough that it wouldn't fit through the bend-part of a bobby pin! (That is bigger that the lead point of a pencil!) I decided something HAD to be done and went and consulted with my doctor. She suggested upping my water intake and adding different exercise into my routine. (I used to think walking five miles a day would suffice). It only took me a month to finally work up the motivation, but I can not believe the changes I have seen in just a week! 
I don't know if you've ever had kidney-stones, but for me, I constantly have a feeling of malaise. I just know that something is not right in my body... even when I had been relatively healthy for a while. Increasing my water intake alone made a huge difference, but the exercise had completely transformed my life!
Now, this post is probably REALLY boring you, but I am excited to see my progress as I go through not only this 60 day challenge, but lifestyle change as well! I just want to say, if you are looking for some help in your life, don't wait until tomorrow! Make the change TODAY! You never know what your missing until you take that leap of faith in the beginning! If I can do it, I know you can!

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