Thursday, August 1, 2013


So, its been a while since I've posted, and I thought it was about darn time to continue on with THE LOVE STORY...
As I mentioned before, Andrew and I Skyped for about four months while he was in Laramie, and I was in Blackfoot during a break from school... It was horrible. It was great... I was torn...
I had no idea what he was thinking, or if we were on the same page... One night, he phoned me and when I asked what he was doing he told me he was going to eat... It turns out A GIRL had offered to cook him dinner. I was shocked because I thought that I was waiting for him to come home so we could really begin our relationship and here he was eating at girls' houses?!? What was going on, here?
I later found out that he had moved some heavy furniture for her and dinner was her thank you to him. He had no interest in her... or so he says...! (I have since moved on from this and trust that his word is true)
Well, all my doubts were diminished when one night while on Skype, Andrew asked me if I would serve a mission with him one day... 
(In our church, young single adults go on 2 year missions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help out our brothers and sisters here on earth,  both spiritually and temporally. When you are married, you can choose to serve a mission with your spouse. It is then and only then that your mission companion will be someone of a different gender... In essence, most Senior Missionaries are married couples that are serving together...)
Can you imagine what was going through my mind!?! He had pretty much just asked me to marry him! (And he wasn't even home yet!) Well, I saved our Skype conversations, so I can look up my response, but all I really need to say is I could not wait for that boy to get home from Laramie! I was certain that this was going to end well and I was grateful to be starting something so great with such a wonderful person!
Andrew graduated on March 26th and came home that weekend! I made a candy bar poster, though I don't remember what it said, and I gave him a bag of hugs and kisses(chocolate) "For all the days we were apart" 
Andrew started looking for work right away, and we began dating exclusively, much to my delight!

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