Friday, April 12, 2013


I am a people person.
I am that person that you see in the really long line for the popcorn. I turn around and make a joke to you, and then 15 minutes later I am still talking to you.
You know what kind of person I'm talking about, right?
When I took my job as a Tax Preparer, I knew it would be a good fit for me because of how intrigued I am with people's lives. I guess it may stem from my own background, but I have come to know that everyone has a story. There is a reason for every action that they make, and it is embedded deep within their roots. It would take you years to scratch the surface and begin to understand part of why they are who they have become. I have found this to be true in my own marriage. I had no idea how little I knew my husband before I married him :-)
I work many hours in the tax kiosk in Kalsipell WalMart.
When I was interviewing for my job, I told my manager that my ideal work environment would be a place where I am constantly surrounded by people. She responded by telling me that I might get lonely in the WalMart location. I thought this was strange considering how many hoards of people I see when I go down to the store on any given day. I am the only one in my location who enjoys working that kiosk, and have spent plenty of time scheduled there.
I may not work on quite as many returns, but I get the opportunity to interact with hundreds of people on a day-to-day basis. Granted, not all of these people are happy to see me. I have even experienced some very humbling moments in my time at the store. All-in-all, though, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.
I have learned so much about myself just by paying strict attention to how I react to people that are reacting to me, and I was recently reminded of a past experience because of an encounter I made.
When I was a freshman in high school, I attended Nation FFA Convention in Louisville, KT.
I don't remember her name, but I will never forget the words of one of the Key-Note Speakers. (I do remember that she was from Australia.)
 She spoke about Wallies and Charlies.
Wallies are the type of people who will walk into the room and drain the energy. They are often negative in their views about anything in general. When you encounter a Wally, you may feel uncomfortable, tired, upset, or even unsure of yourself. Wallies love company, but if you spend too much time with them, they can really drag you down.
Charlies, on the other hand, are very positive in their outlook on life. They are outgoing, energetic, and optimistic. If you aren't ready for a Charley, they'll most likely leave you behind in the dust.
I remember thinking at the time that I need to do everything I can to become a Charley. Now that I have matured some, though, I'd say it is good to be a balance of both.
Through my daily interactions with people, I have found that you can truly make an impact on their lives. You need to have an energy to create a bond between you and those you interact with. This energy creates a feeling of excitement and desire to know more about the person. You also need to be calm enough to empathize with people. You don't ever want a person to feel that you don't have time for them, and empathizing with people creates a bond of trust.
I honestly believe that these two factors worked together, in the perfect balance can be the key for anyone who struggles interacting with people.
I would like to add one more thing.
Christ speaks about becoming like a little child.
There are many children that come through this store each day, and watching them is one of the reasons these ideas were stirred in my mind. I am really beginning to see what He means when he says this, through my observations of children. I have met some amazing adults, and I have met some adults that really had me wishing our time together would pass quickly. It is the children, however, who I will never grow tired of greeting. I feel they are the masters of this feat. They will pass by my kiosk and smile and wave. I watch babies look at the world around them in awe, and look at their parents with pure love and happiness. The children always have time to laugh, and be jubilant, like a Charley. They are also aware, and empathetic, like a Wally. I am amazed at how much we can learn from the little children!
I am so grateful for my job and all that I have learned here!

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