Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

I met up with Andrew again two days after Christmas. Over the next week we spent lots of time together and I remember a conversation I had with my mother after he left her house one night.
She reminded me of a comforting conversation she had shared with me just a few months earlier...
I was still confused about the situation with 'serious boy' and sat in the car with her discussing what I should do. She told me that no matter how hard she tried she had never felt that he and I would be together. My mom gets very strong feeling about some things in life and she told me that the person I would end up with would have a name that was two syllables to some, but one to others. 'Serious boy' is actually named Levi, and I could see that he didn't fit her description. She also told me she had always felt that I would end up with someone with dark hair and eyes, and Levi had blue eyes and strawberry-blond hair. We joked about her predictions, but I had forgotten about them until she brought it back up that night. Andrew is known by many of his high school friends as 'Drew' and as I sat there talking with my mom, the feelings that had been growing inside me were somewhat confirmed. I couldn't believe my mom was sitting here telling me that Andrew was the person I would most likely be spending the rest of my life with... I didn't want to jump into anything too quickly, though. Andrew was going to be going back to Laramie in a few days. I decided we'd just see what would happen and didn't hold too much weight on my mom's ideas. I do know that I felt that he was the one for me, but I figured if that were the case then everything would work itself out so I didn't worry about it.
Andrew and I spent New Year's Eve together with some friends from high school. That was the first year I'd ever gotten a New Year's kiss! It was a great night. : )
A few days later, Andrew headed back to school. We opened up a Skype account for me so that we could actually talk to each other face-to-face. Technology is absolutely amazing! I missed him, but he would be graduating in March and I figured I could handle three months apart from him. I couldn't wait to see him as soon as he headed home though!

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