Thursday, December 6, 2012

You had me at... the squeeze of my kneecap?

My friend, Jayci, has been posting her love story on her blog for a few years now and I absolutely love reading her posts. They make me think about my own relationship with Andrew, and I smile to think how interesting our story is to me. If you're reading this, Jayc, please don't be angry with me stealing your idea, but I wanted to post about our dates for my own memory/enjoyment! 
I figured I'd start with when Andrew and I first met because I sure get a kick outta this story...
It was sometime in the winter of 2007. West Jefferson high school was playing basket ball at South Fremont and our pep-band was set to entertain. This is where the story get weird.... I wasn't in band, but my brother was, and being from a small town, the school rules are somewhat lax. I thought I'd jump on an opportunity to hitch a free ride to the game on the band bus, and no one argued with me, so it was set. One person that wasn't supposed to be on the bus... I thought I'd just chill out with friends and help with what ever Hanni, the band teacher needed help with.
Little did I know that I would strike up a conversation with "The Love of My Life" on this little excursion...
Enter weird part of story, Part II.
There were actually two of us on the bus that night that really shouldn't have been... Andrew had been helping teach some of the percussionists and just happened to tag along to play the drums. 
(Note: At this point in the story, Andrew was a boy in my ward. I had Sunday school with him, but he always sat in the back of the classroom with his friend, Seth. They rarely spoke and were both older than my chums and I so I don't think I had ever said more than a friendly hello to him.)
Regardless of how reserved our relationship was, there was no denying I thought he was handsome... so I might not have been bothered that this West J Alumni was headed to a game on the same bus as me. I even took it upon myself to strike up a conversation with him between songs at the game. This, however, did not work out to my planning when I nearly fell down the bleachers after tripping on someone's book-bag. Mortified, I only blushed him a weary smile and went back to being 'very' interested in the game.
Weird part of story, Part III.
(And the meaning behind the title of this post)
We were headed back home. With so few people on the bus, everyone had occupied their own seat. One of the senior boys who I had dated a bit was seated kitty-corner to me and kept leaning across the aisle to talk to me. He was being very cryptic and I had no idea what he was talking about. I guess Andrew had been listening and thought I needed rescuing because he got up and walked back to me seat. With out a word, he sat down next to me and squished me into the space by the wall. It was too close for comfort from someone I hardly knew and I could feel my face growing red from blushing. The next thing I knew, he had reached down and given my knee-cap two squeezes. If one could die from flush in the face, I think I would have. I had no idea what was going on or how to react. Andrew just burst out laughing. At least someone was entertained... I eased up some and we actually had our first conversation, which  was not very eventful. I honestly don't even remember what we talked about. I do, however, know that a little crinkle was formed I Andrew was growing more interesting in my mind... but the timing was wrong. I wasn't about to form a lasting relationship with someone who wouldn't even be around for my last year of high school. Andrew left for Paraguay in April 2008 to serve his two year mission. I emailed him one day in October just to see how he was doing. He wrote back asking me to get his address so I could write to him. I felt odd about this for some reason. I think because we really were not much more  than acquaintances and I had no idea what I'd write to him. I did ask his mother for his address one day at church. She gave it two me a week later. I  proceeded to write him six letters, which, for some reason, I never mailed.
To be continued...


  1. Cheltz, I love this! I actually stole the idea from someone else because I love reading these kind of posts so much. A romantic at heart, I guess...I'm just embarrassed that it's taken me YEARS to finish mine!

  2. Jayc... It'll never be finished :)