Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Crazy Tax Lady"

So, I got a job.
Before I tell you what's up though, I gotta tell you this story...
I was hanging out with my friend a few years ago. We were at her house over one of the breaks from school and her boyfriend was also joining us on this trip. He was an accounting major at BYU-Idaho. Now, I don't have anything against accountants, but I thought the work that they did was boring and monotonous. He helped push this generalization further along when he sat on the couch one night reading to everyone that would listen from his tax book. Gag me.
I was so bored! Luckily there were some cute puppies outside needing attention so I escaped.
I took an Agribusiness class in high school. I loved it, but I also thought that it wasn't worth pursuing for a living. I'm a hands-on-type of gal. I can't sit in one place for too long. So I had never opened my heart to the possibility of an office job. Especially after being bored to death with trying to understand what the heck Aaron was talking about that one day... Well, folks, I'm a changed girl!
I am officially hired on for tax season at Jackson Hewitt here in Kalispell!
You know what's funny about this? When I tell people up here I got a new job, and they ask me what it is, the reactions are so similar to my previous reaction.
For example, at church on Sunday, when I told the Elder's Quorum President that I would be doing tax prep, he faltered in his speech for a second, gathered himself back together and then said, "Do you like that sort of thing?" I wasn't sure how to answer because I hadn't really started working yet. I related it back to my Agribusiness studies and said that I had enjoyed certain aspects of it. 
Today, however, I started my first day of training. I got a 400 page book on taxes (One in a set of three). I have started earning credits through the University of Phoenix  and I must say I am really enjoying what I am learning! (Gasp!)
So, while I will always be an earth-child at heart. (I LOVE the out-doors) A job like that really isn't practical this time of year. I am 21 years old and getting a head start on something that most people will not ever grasp through their entire lives! I am excited for this learning opportunity and can't wait to actually get some clients! As for Agriculture, (which will always be my first true love) I am grateful to those who are pursuing that lifestyle and I hope to one day join you,. For now, though, I am going to learn as much as I can about the world and society that I live in!
On another note, this handsome man is having a birthday on Thursday! WooHoo!!! 24, baby!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

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  1. SAWEET! You can do our taxes for us lol. Glad things are going well for you! We're living in Jackson now!! We need to catch up sometime soon!!