Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Be of Good Cheer"

There are things on my mind right now that I would like to write about for the sake of understanding years from now how and why I feel the way I do today.
It is November 7th, 2012. 
I stood in a line for three hours and twenty minutes yesterday to practice my right as an American to cast my vote for whom I feel would lead this country into prosperity. I write today, not bitter, but still taking in the fact that the candidate of my choice did not win this election. I write, not to complain about spending my valuable time in line, but to explain that through this election what I am most bothered by is the reaction of our people. 
I was up until 2 AM reading the nasty comments and jeers going back and forth between the people of my country. I write today so that my children will know why I am disappointed in the American people, not because I feel they made an unwise election, but because I woke up this morning to a country divided. This, my friends, will bring us down faster than any one man or cabinet could ever dream of. I believe that the people who chose to reinstate President Obama had a right to do so. I do not, however, believe that they have a right to tell me to get out of this country so that they may run it how they please. I am disappointed in those who share my beliefs as well. Now is not the time to fight, we need to come together and AS A PEOPLE LEAD THIS NATION INTO PROSPERITY.
I would now like to switch gears and explain why I am currently at peace.
In the scriptures, the Savior says, "...These things I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." -St John 16:33
I read this verse this morning after feeling overwhelmed by the doom and gloom my friends were tossing out to each other and this comfort has helped me go throughout my day with hope. I understand that through the choices of others, there may be tribulation in my future, and my children's futures, but I have peace and comfort in knowing that I will stand with those who I feel will take this great country where God wants it to be taken. I hope that my friends will join me in leading out because our time has come to show how we truly feel about this country.
I would like to share with you a painting...

"The Old Man Wept" ~Del Parson

I believe these men are heroes and good in the eyes of God. I stand for what they believe in and I hope that the tears and blood shed for this country will not be squandered away in vain. I hope that the hysteria that I have seen over last 24 hours subsides. I know the road will be rocky, but if we, as Americans, come together, I know life will be good.
I have one request for those who read this:
Please don't argue about who is right or wrong, but instead spend the time that you have helping those around you to see how blessed we are to live in this land. Please work for the good of the country, and please follow the examples of the great patriots who have devoted their lives to serving this country to every capacity they hold. Most of all, though, be of good cheer.
The world may have tribulation, but there is a bright future for those of us who do was it right in the time it is needed.

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