Monday, March 5, 2012

Why, you sneaky little...!

Before you read any further, I just want to say that I am probably going to be a millionaire now.
"Why," you ask?
Well... today was just like any other day... UNTIL...
In case you can't tell what is happening here... that is a black church sock that belongs to my husband. It is positioned between the turn-bin and the wall of my washing machine!!!
Do you know what this means, people!?!
This means there is NO monster that eats our socks and makes them go missing!!!
I have a friend who counts his socks when they go in the washer, come out and go in the dryer and come out of the dryer. He uses a dry erase marker to keep tabs on the numbers of socks during each new wash. Even with the counting, his socks STILL come out MISSING!
This is a conspiracy, people.
I almost didn't see that sock there, you know? It was was shoved further in there to begin with. I just happened to see a little black spot at the top of my washer and rubbed it to see what it was. When I rubbed, it moved and felt cottony. So, like any curious being, I pulled on it and LO AND BEHOLD a WHOLE STINKING SOCK began to appear from this space in my washer!
I have SOLVED the mystery of the missing socks!
My life's work is complete, now. I have answered the question that MANY people have pondered for the last 40 years!
Now, I am going to see if we can't take our washer apart and find more socks!
What do you guys think? Have I solved the mystery for you, or do you still believe there is a monster somewhere stealing all of our matching socks?
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