Sunday, December 11, 2011

*Tree Adventure*

So on Saturday, we went to find our Christmas Tree.
Let's just say it was definitely an adventure...
SO we started out the day by going to Cal Ranch to buy us a tree permit so we wouldn't get busted on our way home. FAIL.
Cal was out of them. The guy we talked to said they had bought 300 and sold them out in less than a week. They bought 50 more, and those sold out like hot-cakes, too.
(This is where the story doesn't make much sense to me...)
So, they got rid of the fifty and the manager decided that they had hit a stroke of luck, but they'd better not push it. So... they didn't order anymore permits.
(??? They sold out in less than two weeks and didn't buy anymore??? OK...)
So, it was off to Valley Wide Home and Ranch.
We got there and, good news, they had some permits!
Bad news; they only took cash or check and all we had was debit.
So we went to the cash register and bought some snacks and asked if we could get some cash back. "We don't do that here, so you'll have to go use the ATM on the other side of the store."
We went to the ATM and before we even put our card in, we saw a little note flashing on the screen. It said, "Sorry. Out of service. Please tell attendant."
We went back to the counter and waited to be told that we needed to go to the bank across the parking lot. Being Saturday, the bank was closed. Andrew put the card in the drive-up ATM and chose to withdraw some money. The machine responded that it was temporarily unable to dispense money.
Now that this story has drug on far too long, I will tell you that my husband, who was sick of running all around town, turned and said to me, "This is ridiculous. We are just going to go get a tree. We don't need a permit."
So, off we went!
(with me freaking out thinking we were surely going to be thrown in jail later)
We decided to go up to Medicine Lodge and on our way up the mountain, we saw this...
If you look really closely, in the middle of the picture, there is a line up of elk! We couldn't get a shot of all of them, but we pulled over and counted 21 elk! It was amazing!
We sat and watched them for a few minutes, then kept driving on up the road.
Andrew and I had talked about what type of tree we wanted, but I think he was thinking of something a bit on the large side compared to what I wanted.
We got into some snow and I saw this and thought it was absolutely perfect!!!
Andrew saw it and just laughed at me and kept driving.
So we went on down the road until there was so much snow that Andrew was afraid of getting his pickup stuck. He pulled over and got out and we walked up the hill. And then we saw this and Andrew said it was the perfect tree.I said it was lopsided... but I have to admit it was cute. I just didn't want Andrew to know that hehe. It had character, and Mr. Lumberjack was very excited to cut something down. I decided that I shouldn't hold that joy from him much longer.
He was trucking. Really excited to go start up that chain saw and chop that baby down.
(Or he was just cold... I don't know... maybe a little bit of both?)

I think he looks like the miner off of that old Rudolph movie.
(♫ Silver and gold. Silver and♫... hehehe)

We were so happy and excited! I love him so much!

He thought he was pretty hot stuff dragging that tree around.
(Well, maybe he didn't, but I sure did!!!)

It's so nice to have a tree in our home! We both loved decorating it! It does have quite a hole on the top left side, but that's OK. We both love it. I think that a real tree is the only way to go and even though our day started out kind of weird, we both agree that it was one of the best days! We loved every second of it and a grateful for the memories that we made!

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  1. You law breakers you :D I would have done the same thing after all that though! Holy buckets was fate against you buying a christmas tree tag haha! Very cute tree though :)