Saturday, December 3, 2011

There's something I want you to see...

This is my husband the caveman...

And this was the caveman 39 days ago...

For any who question:
If you suddenly see me with a younger looking gent at my side, no I do not have a new boyfriend. I just have a husband who happens to easily change his appearance.
(We were at the market and saw Seth Hansen{Andrew's BFF}. He recognized me before he recognized Andrew because his beard had grown so much since our last visit.)
Andrew stopped shaving on November 4th (No shave November). He has trimmed his beard twice since. Other than that, it's all nat-ur-al, baby! Actually, he trimmed up this morning before we took those first two pictures. I walked in on him and got upset because I told him I wanted to see how long it would get if he kept it going until January. Oh well, it's still pretty long! For anyone who is reading this, I am sorry about my weird faces in ALL of these pictures. I am not sure what I am thinking when the camera gets in my face. So, to end this growing and very pointless story, I guess I just want to say that I think it is so cool that my husband will be turning 23 in a week and he can choose to look like a 23 year old, or a forty year old. All with the touch of a razor!

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