Friday, December 16, 2011


Have you ever experienced those few seconds right before something you know will not have a good ending happens?
Like, maybe when your husband sits down to eat a piece of the pizza you just made and balances a dipping cup of marina sauce on the arm of the rocking la-z-boy he is sitting in?
Like, when you (who, very inconveniently, happen to be standing across the room) see him start to move as if he is about to get up from said la-z-boy? You have no more than two seconds to act, but SUDDENLY, with this crazy burst of adrenaline you have become super woman and you LURCH yourself across the room (all the while playing out every possible ending to this story in your head) and you just miss that moment when you would have saved your precious white/tan carpet?
YUP. I have experienced this feeling.
Now I am experiencing the feeling of learning how to get a pink spot out of my carpet. My first instinct told me baking soda... but now I'm not so sure about that. Let's see if Oxy Clean works. Pray for me, please.
Also, please understand that I am in no way upset with my husband. Accidents happen. I know that for a fact. You see, on the other side of our living room, there is a burn in the carpet about two feet long. It turns out the carpet in our house is plastic. How do I know this? Well, I don't. All I know is I was ironing clothes one day (who does that anymore?) and I ran off of the towel I had under the shirt I was ironing... and this is when I noticed that that spot had become noticeably darker than the rest of the carpet. I am reminded of this mistake every morning as I walk into the living room in my bare feet. Why do I think my carpet is plastic? Not only because it melted, but that spot now holds a noticeably harder consistency than the rest of the carpet in our house and it is even more noticeably hard when you run your bare feet along its scratchiness.
Well, no more time to worry about these little accidents. I am taking a 23 year old husband to see a birthday movie courtesy of my mom's birthday present to him.
Let's see if I can understand Sherlock Holmes 2 anymore than I understood the first... (Yes. I have watched Sherlock Holmes with my husband 3 times now and still cannot tell you what it is about for the life of me.)
And that is why I have more important things to worry about than cheap carpet.
Have a wonderful Friday night!
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  1. Oh Andrew!! :-) So you have a burnt iron mark in your carpet too!!?? We must be related! Looks like we need to get you guys an iron board for christmas? Haha! Miss you guys!