Monday, November 28, 2011


I want to introduce you to some really special people.

First is my Mom. She is here ^^^ on the far left. She is a very giving person and never says no to anyone. I have learned so much from her and I am so grateful for the example she has set for me. I love how fun she is. Hazen and I always say she fits in better with the kids than the adults. She's just spunky and carefree. She is laid back and easy going and I hope someday that I can learn to be as tolerant and stress-free as she is.
Second is my Mother and Father-in law, Sheron and Ross. Andrew and I spend lots of our time with them. They are just fun to be around and they are very in love with each other. We don't ever have a boring day when we are with them and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be 'adopted' into their family.

This is Hazen the Blazin' Raisin. I just call him Brohiem. He is truly my buddy, and if Andrew is my best friend, I'd have to say that Hazey comes in a close second. This kid is funny! He has me rolling every time I see him. He's a hard worker with strong determination. I am grateful to call him my brother!

Next is the man holding the door here. This is my Grandpa DeVar Weekes. Ever since I can remember I have had this special connection with him. I don't know why but we just mesh for some reason. I look up to him for many things and he is a great person in the eyes of most anyone he meets. Looking back, most of my fondest memories include times spent with my grandpa. I am grateful for his influence in my life.

This is my dad, Tray. We aren't very close, and never really have been. I have still learned great things from him though. He is one of the better horsemen I have known. He can do some amazing things with those beautiful creatures and I am glad to have learned along his side. He is very hard working and has an entrepreneurial spirit. He can take any old scrap and turn it into something beautiful. Relationships aren't his strong points, but he really is a good person deep inside. I hope people can look past his imperfections and see that. He has so much to teach.

There are so many influential people in my life. There are many I would still like to add to this list. I will save that for another day though. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has been an example in my life. (Many, many people make this list!) It means so much to me that there are good people in this harsh world. We live in a time of trial and sadness, yet it is through individual people that we can see light and understand that there is hope, yet. I am grateful for this knowledge and to know people who prove this to be true.
Thank you!

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