Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mrs. Claus' Cookbook!!!

Some people have a ton of creativity. Way more than I do, at least!
So that is why said creative people create blogs.
So people who have no talent, like me, can steal their ideas!
It's a win-win scenario, yes?
OK, maybe not so much, but at least I get some yummy recipes out of the deal, right?

HERE is my newest find! It is AMAZING!!!

Its called "North Pole (dot) com" and there is a section on here called Mrs. Claus' Cookbook.
You MUST check it out!
There are SO many recipes on there, and I have just solved all of my Holiday conundrums in one click of a mouse!
(Well, maybe a little more than that after I do all of the baking?)
I LOVE the web for sites that teach me awesome, wonderful new ideas for food. When I find wonderful new sites, I promise to share them here! If you know any, feel free to share them too! I love new recipes. You've got to add a little spice to life, you know?!
Well, I hope you enjoy this new find as much as I do!
Thanks for stopping by!

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