Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Bottom of a Deep, Dark Cave...

I used to have a blog... it failed... Mainly because it has become more of a journal and I don't invite people to read it... so I have taken this post from it to share with you if you want to know how Andrew proposed!
:-) Enjoy!

So, June 4th would be the date... ITS OFFICIAL!!! (Andrew and I are tying the knot and I am the future "Mrs. Newman"!!!)The day started out like any normal day... I slept in this morning due to a late night chatting it up with my roommate, Nicole. I then got ready to head down to my cousin, Landon's wedding. I called Andrew on the way just to see if he wanted to tag along because I knew he was working on his pick up. I'll admit that I was kinda surprised when he chose going to a wedding over working in the shop, but I was happy that my buddy was going to be taggin' along with me all day.For the past 4 weeks, I have been waiting to see how he was going to do this because we looked at rings a little over four weeks ago. I honestly was starting to loose hope that it was ever going to happen. Lucky for me, my guy is just really tricky and wanted to surprise me!We got done with the wedding and decided to drive around Idaho Falls for a little while before we headed home. We went to the Park and went for a little ride on the Ferris Wheel there! It was AWESOME!!! Then we just kept driving around town and going to tons of stores including Toys-R-Us, Sportsman's Warehouse, Sport Authority, Pretty much the WHOLE Mall (Except for the rings stores because I just couldn't bring myself to go into one again and know I wouldn't be leaving with one on my finger hehe) Later Andrew told me that whole jaunt around town was to throw me off and bore me to death. Well, it didn't necessarily bore me, but it did make me EXTREMELY tired so we finally decided to head back to the Burg.
Once we got back to my place, he got this great idea that we should go to the civil defense caves. I thought he was crazy given how tired I was, but I had really been wanting to go so I agreed. We ran to my Weekes' grandparents to grab some flashlights and were on our way.
We get to the cave, and I, never having this experience earlier and not knowing what in the world to expect, become a little worried about what I have gotten myself into. Still, I trek down into this dark abyss after him and muster up all of my courage to try to be a brave little girl even though I was freaking out about going down into that thing.
Well, we walked, and walked, and walked... read some graffiti on the wall, talked, walked some more, slipped around on some ice for a while and had a jolly good time just praying that our lights wouldn't die. Eventually, after lots of dripping water, straining of our eyes, slipping on rocks, and two groups of glow-stick-hide-and-seek players, we reach a wall that I am just too scared to climb we sit for a second just listening to the silence... I turn off my light and find a glow-stick. I turn around to show him and find that he has turned his light off too. He tells me to keep mine off, and I begin to wonder if he is going to try to scare me... The next thing I know, he tells me to turn my light on and he is on one knee with a little ring box in his hand!The first thing that comes out of my mouth is, "You bring me all the way into this deep, dark hole where I might have died and ask me to marry you!?" After laughing, and maybe some kissing, he replies, "So, does that mean yes?" And I think you can figure out the answer to that question...
Today was pretty much one of the best days of my life and through all of the darkness in this world, Andrew is my light. He is my treasure found at the bottom of a deep, dark cave. I know we will be happy together and I am so grateful that he chose me!

On the Ferris Wheel in Tauphus Park...

In the CAVE... can you tell it was dark? I think we might be blind now :-)
(I secretly think we look REALLY funny in this but it was pitch black and a camera flash after 20 minutes of darkness is a bit shocking)

The B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ring! He did well!

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