Thursday, December 22, 2011

What I Found When I Came Home One Day

This happened a few weeks ago, but I was busy with finals and just now have time to post about it.
I had been taking a class this last semester that met in the evening. I usually wouldn't get home until after 6PM, and toward the end of the semester, the sun would have already set by the time I was pulling in. One of the last days of class, I arrived home late and Andrew had been home for about 45 minutes. When I pulled into the parking spot, this is what I saw...I laughed so hard. Our neighbors are crazy decorators and I guess Andrew didn't want to be outdone. I love my husband and his creativity! Our lives are definitely not uninteresting!
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

*The Spirit of Christmas*

It's been hard to get into the swing of Christmas this year.
Andrew and I have talked about it many times in the past few weeks. I thought it might be something we were doing wrong. We have decided that we are just in the slumps because there are 7 days left and we have only seen two snow storms.
We are dreaming of a white Christmas, but we are not so sure we are going to have one.
Then tonight, I came upon this picture from Greg Olsen and I realized that Christmas is not about snow. It is about family and friends and doing good to others, and most importantly, it is about the birth of our Savior. I love how the Santa is depicted in this picture. He looks wise. Not as jolly as you see him in many depictions. I like to think that the look on his face shows gratitude.
I am surprised by the growth of commercialism around Christmas every year. It seems like we get farther and farther away from the true meaning of Christmas.
I am grateful for this painting and what it has taught me. I thought I would share it because I like it so much.
I hope you and your family are enjoying this wonderful season. Let's not forget to include the Savior in our Christmas.
Have a wonderful day!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Have you ever experienced those few seconds right before something you know will not have a good ending happens?
Like, maybe when your husband sits down to eat a piece of the pizza you just made and balances a dipping cup of marina sauce on the arm of the rocking la-z-boy he is sitting in?
Like, when you (who, very inconveniently, happen to be standing across the room) see him start to move as if he is about to get up from said la-z-boy? You have no more than two seconds to act, but SUDDENLY, with this crazy burst of adrenaline you have become super woman and you LURCH yourself across the room (all the while playing out every possible ending to this story in your head) and you just miss that moment when you would have saved your precious white/tan carpet?
YUP. I have experienced this feeling.
Now I am experiencing the feeling of learning how to get a pink spot out of my carpet. My first instinct told me baking soda... but now I'm not so sure about that. Let's see if Oxy Clean works. Pray for me, please.
Also, please understand that I am in no way upset with my husband. Accidents happen. I know that for a fact. You see, on the other side of our living room, there is a burn in the carpet about two feet long. It turns out the carpet in our house is plastic. How do I know this? Well, I don't. All I know is I was ironing clothes one day (who does that anymore?) and I ran off of the towel I had under the shirt I was ironing... and this is when I noticed that that spot had become noticeably darker than the rest of the carpet. I am reminded of this mistake every morning as I walk into the living room in my bare feet. Why do I think my carpet is plastic? Not only because it melted, but that spot now holds a noticeably harder consistency than the rest of the carpet in our house and it is even more noticeably hard when you run your bare feet along its scratchiness.
Well, no more time to worry about these little accidents. I am taking a 23 year old husband to see a birthday movie courtesy of my mom's birthday present to him.
Let's see if I can understand Sherlock Holmes 2 anymore than I understood the first... (Yes. I have watched Sherlock Holmes with my husband 3 times now and still cannot tell you what it is about for the life of me.)
And that is why I have more important things to worry about than cheap carpet.
Have a wonderful Friday night!
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

*Tree Adventure*

So on Saturday, we went to find our Christmas Tree.
Let's just say it was definitely an adventure...
SO we started out the day by going to Cal Ranch to buy us a tree permit so we wouldn't get busted on our way home. FAIL.
Cal was out of them. The guy we talked to said they had bought 300 and sold them out in less than a week. They bought 50 more, and those sold out like hot-cakes, too.
(This is where the story doesn't make much sense to me...)
So, they got rid of the fifty and the manager decided that they had hit a stroke of luck, but they'd better not push it. So... they didn't order anymore permits.
(??? They sold out in less than two weeks and didn't buy anymore??? OK...)
So, it was off to Valley Wide Home and Ranch.
We got there and, good news, they had some permits!
Bad news; they only took cash or check and all we had was debit.
So we went to the cash register and bought some snacks and asked if we could get some cash back. "We don't do that here, so you'll have to go use the ATM on the other side of the store."
We went to the ATM and before we even put our card in, we saw a little note flashing on the screen. It said, "Sorry. Out of service. Please tell attendant."
We went back to the counter and waited to be told that we needed to go to the bank across the parking lot. Being Saturday, the bank was closed. Andrew put the card in the drive-up ATM and chose to withdraw some money. The machine responded that it was temporarily unable to dispense money.
Now that this story has drug on far too long, I will tell you that my husband, who was sick of running all around town, turned and said to me, "This is ridiculous. We are just going to go get a tree. We don't need a permit."
So, off we went!
(with me freaking out thinking we were surely going to be thrown in jail later)
We decided to go up to Medicine Lodge and on our way up the mountain, we saw this...
If you look really closely, in the middle of the picture, there is a line up of elk! We couldn't get a shot of all of them, but we pulled over and counted 21 elk! It was amazing!
We sat and watched them for a few minutes, then kept driving on up the road.
Andrew and I had talked about what type of tree we wanted, but I think he was thinking of something a bit on the large side compared to what I wanted.
We got into some snow and I saw this and thought it was absolutely perfect!!!
Andrew saw it and just laughed at me and kept driving.
So we went on down the road until there was so much snow that Andrew was afraid of getting his pickup stuck. He pulled over and got out and we walked up the hill. And then we saw this and Andrew said it was the perfect tree.I said it was lopsided... but I have to admit it was cute. I just didn't want Andrew to know that hehe. It had character, and Mr. Lumberjack was very excited to cut something down. I decided that I shouldn't hold that joy from him much longer.
He was trucking. Really excited to go start up that chain saw and chop that baby down.
(Or he was just cold... I don't know... maybe a little bit of both?)

I think he looks like the miner off of that old Rudolph movie.
(♫ Silver and gold. Silver and♫... hehehe)

We were so happy and excited! I love him so much!

He thought he was pretty hot stuff dragging that tree around.
(Well, maybe he didn't, but I sure did!!!)

It's so nice to have a tree in our home! We both loved decorating it! It does have quite a hole on the top left side, but that's OK. We both love it. I think that a real tree is the only way to go and even though our day started out kind of weird, we both agree that it was one of the best days! We loved every second of it and a grateful for the memories that we made!

Friday, December 9, 2011

No Christmas Tree...

I have lived through 20 Christmas days.
(Holy Smokes!!!)
This means that I have experienced 20 Christmas trees!
(Yes, I coaxed my roommates into letting me bring in live trees the last two years. They loved it too!)
But, this year is different. I don't know what it is, but Andrew and I have yet to go out and find that perfect little tree.
I am sad.
It is horrible, but I just can't seem to get into the Christmas spirit without the tree.
We have just been super busy and don't want to spend $30 on a tree that is way bigger than we need.
So that is why I am SUPER excited about this Saturday.
We are going to head up to Medicine Lodge and chop down a little "Charlie Browner" to bring home and decorate.
I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

There's something I want you to see...

This is my husband the caveman...

And this was the caveman 39 days ago...

For any who question:
If you suddenly see me with a younger looking gent at my side, no I do not have a new boyfriend. I just have a husband who happens to easily change his appearance.
(We were at the market and saw Seth Hansen{Andrew's BFF}. He recognized me before he recognized Andrew because his beard had grown so much since our last visit.)
Andrew stopped shaving on November 4th (No shave November). He has trimmed his beard twice since. Other than that, it's all nat-ur-al, baby! Actually, he trimmed up this morning before we took those first two pictures. I walked in on him and got upset because I told him I wanted to see how long it would get if he kept it going until January. Oh well, it's still pretty long! For anyone who is reading this, I am sorry about my weird faces in ALL of these pictures. I am not sure what I am thinking when the camera gets in my face. So, to end this growing and very pointless story, I guess I just want to say that I think it is so cool that my husband will be turning 23 in a week and he can choose to look like a 23 year old, or a forty year old. All with the touch of a razor!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mrs. Claus' Cookbook!!!

Some people have a ton of creativity. Way more than I do, at least!
So that is why said creative people create blogs.
So people who have no talent, like me, can steal their ideas!
It's a win-win scenario, yes?
OK, maybe not so much, but at least I get some yummy recipes out of the deal, right?

HERE is my newest find! It is AMAZING!!!

Its called "North Pole (dot) com" and there is a section on here called Mrs. Claus' Cookbook.
You MUST check it out!
There are SO many recipes on there, and I have just solved all of my Holiday conundrums in one click of a mouse!
(Well, maybe a little more than that after I do all of the baking?)
I LOVE the web for sites that teach me awesome, wonderful new ideas for food. When I find wonderful new sites, I promise to share them here! If you know any, feel free to share them too! I love new recipes. You've got to add a little spice to life, you know?!
Well, I hope you enjoy this new find as much as I do!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So here's the deal. I love puppy breath. A LOT.
You know how some women are baby crazy? Well, I love babies... but I LOVE puppies.
We both do (Andrew and Me).
So this past weekend, we were driving around Idaho Falls with Andrew's parents and Sheron needed to go to Micheal's for some fabric. Not being too overly excited about the craft store, Andrew and I walked next door to Petco.
While in the store we met this little guy

He's a bearded collie and SO DANG CUTE!
The dog that we saw was actually 8 months old and his name was MAXX, but we didn't get a good picture of him. Still, I have been looking at these dogs and they are all so cute!
We got to take MAXX for a walk so we took him out to the parking lot to show the parents. Even though Sheron won't admit it, she loved him.
Everywhere we went that day Ross kept saying, "Now, we can go back and get that dog, Sheron, but your going to have to feed it and water it and take it for rides in the razor. We can only have that dog if you take care of it."
Well, we didn't end up getting the dog, but we have been talking about getting one and we decided when the time comes, we at least know the breed that we want. These little guys sure are sweet dogs. They are more mellow than border-collies. Their hair grows really long, too so we'll have to maintain often, but we decided it'll be worth it!
What do you think? Are you more of a cat or dog person?
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Monday, November 28, 2011


I want to introduce you to some really special people.

First is my Mom. She is here ^^^ on the far left. She is a very giving person and never says no to anyone. I have learned so much from her and I am so grateful for the example she has set for me. I love how fun she is. Hazen and I always say she fits in better with the kids than the adults. She's just spunky and carefree. She is laid back and easy going and I hope someday that I can learn to be as tolerant and stress-free as she is.
Second is my Mother and Father-in law, Sheron and Ross. Andrew and I spend lots of our time with them. They are just fun to be around and they are very in love with each other. We don't ever have a boring day when we are with them and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be 'adopted' into their family.

This is Hazen the Blazin' Raisin. I just call him Brohiem. He is truly my buddy, and if Andrew is my best friend, I'd have to say that Hazey comes in a close second. This kid is funny! He has me rolling every time I see him. He's a hard worker with strong determination. I am grateful to call him my brother!

Next is the man holding the door here. This is my Grandpa DeVar Weekes. Ever since I can remember I have had this special connection with him. I don't know why but we just mesh for some reason. I look up to him for many things and he is a great person in the eyes of most anyone he meets. Looking back, most of my fondest memories include times spent with my grandpa. I am grateful for his influence in my life.

This is my dad, Tray. We aren't very close, and never really have been. I have still learned great things from him though. He is one of the better horsemen I have known. He can do some amazing things with those beautiful creatures and I am glad to have learned along his side. He is very hard working and has an entrepreneurial spirit. He can take any old scrap and turn it into something beautiful. Relationships aren't his strong points, but he really is a good person deep inside. I hope people can look past his imperfections and see that. He has so much to teach.

There are so many influential people in my life. There are many I would still like to add to this list. I will save that for another day though. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has been an example in my life. (Many, many people make this list!) It means so much to me that there are good people in this harsh world. We live in a time of trial and sadness, yet it is through individual people that we can see light and understand that there is hope, yet. I am grateful for this knowledge and to know people who prove this to be true.
Thank you!

*Love Story*

So, as you know, we got married on August 27th.
I don't know who has seen the pictures, but I thought I might post some on here. We took SO many! I will be editing for a long time, but I love them! They turned out great!
Here's a little peak into our day...

In the Bottom of a Deep, Dark Cave...

I used to have a blog... it failed... Mainly because it has become more of a journal and I don't invite people to read it... so I have taken this post from it to share with you if you want to know how Andrew proposed!
:-) Enjoy!

So, June 4th would be the date... ITS OFFICIAL!!! (Andrew and I are tying the knot and I am the future "Mrs. Newman"!!!)The day started out like any normal day... I slept in this morning due to a late night chatting it up with my roommate, Nicole. I then got ready to head down to my cousin, Landon's wedding. I called Andrew on the way just to see if he wanted to tag along because I knew he was working on his pick up. I'll admit that I was kinda surprised when he chose going to a wedding over working in the shop, but I was happy that my buddy was going to be taggin' along with me all day.For the past 4 weeks, I have been waiting to see how he was going to do this because we looked at rings a little over four weeks ago. I honestly was starting to loose hope that it was ever going to happen. Lucky for me, my guy is just really tricky and wanted to surprise me!We got done with the wedding and decided to drive around Idaho Falls for a little while before we headed home. We went to the Park and went for a little ride on the Ferris Wheel there! It was AWESOME!!! Then we just kept driving around town and going to tons of stores including Toys-R-Us, Sportsman's Warehouse, Sport Authority, Pretty much the WHOLE Mall (Except for the rings stores because I just couldn't bring myself to go into one again and know I wouldn't be leaving with one on my finger hehe) Later Andrew told me that whole jaunt around town was to throw me off and bore me to death. Well, it didn't necessarily bore me, but it did make me EXTREMELY tired so we finally decided to head back to the Burg.
Once we got back to my place, he got this great idea that we should go to the civil defense caves. I thought he was crazy given how tired I was, but I had really been wanting to go so I agreed. We ran to my Weekes' grandparents to grab some flashlights and were on our way.
We get to the cave, and I, never having this experience earlier and not knowing what in the world to expect, become a little worried about what I have gotten myself into. Still, I trek down into this dark abyss after him and muster up all of my courage to try to be a brave little girl even though I was freaking out about going down into that thing.
Well, we walked, and walked, and walked... read some graffiti on the wall, talked, walked some more, slipped around on some ice for a while and had a jolly good time just praying that our lights wouldn't die. Eventually, after lots of dripping water, straining of our eyes, slipping on rocks, and two groups of glow-stick-hide-and-seek players, we reach a wall that I am just too scared to climb we sit for a second just listening to the silence... I turn off my light and find a glow-stick. I turn around to show him and find that he has turned his light off too. He tells me to keep mine off, and I begin to wonder if he is going to try to scare me... The next thing I know, he tells me to turn my light on and he is on one knee with a little ring box in his hand!The first thing that comes out of my mouth is, "You bring me all the way into this deep, dark hole where I might have died and ask me to marry you!?" After laughing, and maybe some kissing, he replies, "So, does that mean yes?" And I think you can figure out the answer to that question...
Today was pretty much one of the best days of my life and through all of the darkness in this world, Andrew is my light. He is my treasure found at the bottom of a deep, dark cave. I know we will be happy together and I am so grateful that he chose me!

On the Ferris Wheel in Tauphus Park...

In the CAVE... can you tell it was dark? I think we might be blind now :-)
(I secretly think we look REALLY funny in this but it was pitch black and a camera flash after 20 minutes of darkness is a bit shocking)

The B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ring! He did well!

So, What's in a Name?

Some people I follow have the cutest dang blogs! I have tried to do it, too, but I'd like to know... Does your title sound as cheesy to you as mine does to me?
I love how clever some of my friends have been. For example, some of the blogs I follow include titles such as :
Pioneer Woman
Yours Truly
How Does She...
The Pastoral Muse
Mormon in Manhattan
I could keep going, but for your sake, I'll stop right there.
Point in case: Some people are very creative and witty.
Naming this blog was hard. I though about it for days, actually. Then, suddenly, it came to me. It was like and answer from above, or something like that...
I thought of the news boys who used to deliver the latest headlines on the streets of New York... I was actually trying to think of something catchy to go along with "Newman" ha!
"Well," I thought, "This is going to be a blog about the latest news in our life... why not call it something like that?"
So, the Newman Family Newsie was born. This is the means by which our news will make it to those who care about us. Hopefully it makes sense and is somewhat funny and not dumb. I hope that you find it inspiring the way I find the titles my friends have used.
If not, you are still welcome to read, just promise me one thing?
Don't poke too much fun at this silly girl's blog title and I'll try to keep you entertained!
After, Juliet did say that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. I think she was really advising me that my blog, by any name, would be more or less the same!
Thanks for stopping by!

It's A BLOG!!!

Hi there!
I'm Cheltzey.
And for those of you who don't know, this hottie here with me is my wonderful hubby, Andrew! ----->
We were married on August 27th, 2011
And this is our story!

Just a little about us:
Andrew grew up in Monteview, Idaho.
He loved playing football, and is an avid outdoor-sports fan.
In 2008, he left for an LDS two year service mission in Asuncion, Paraguay.
He came home and left for Laramie Wyoming, where he tackled a 9 month education/training program in Automotive Technology and Trim/Upholstery.
He graduated with his Associates in March and came back home to begin working in a shop in Rexburg so he can receive his ASE Certification.
I, Cheltzey, was born in Blackfoot, Idaho. I later moved to Monteview with my mom and my brother.
I finished high school at West Jefferson, where I met Andrew and we became friends. I always thought he was "cute" but we weren't much more than acquaintances before Andrew left for Paraguay. I loved FFA in high school and decided to pursue a career in Agricultural Education so that I could one day teach people how to become self-reliant and take part in the inspiring task the agriculture offers. I started school at BYU-Idaho in September of 2009, and am currently finishing my 5th semester here. I should be done with school in the next year or so.

Andrew got ahold of me in November of 2010 over Facebook. Because he hadn't seen or heard from me for so long, he asked if I would meet with him one night over his Christmas Holiday. What we thought would be an hour or so long date turned into much more than that, and we ended up meeting up with each other almost every day of his break.
When he went back to school, we promised to keep in touch with each other and we would just see what happened. We ended up talking on Skype almost everyday until he came back to Idaho.
Andrew graduated and came home, and proposed to me on June 4th 2011. I'll post the story about how he proposed soon.
That's us, and we'll let you know more about our adventures soon! Thanks for stopping by.